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Wine Night: Independent Spirits, Inc. in Edgewater


Neighborhood exploring is easily my favorite thing to do. Now that the weather has gotten nice enough to be outside for more than the time it takes the dog to do her thing and go back in, Sarah and I have really been spending time getting to know our neighborhood. Exploring boutiques, eating at local restaurants, visiting small pet stores, etc.! It was thus, we discovered Independent Spirits, Inc.


The little boutique is WONDERFUL. My adult beverages of choice are wine, beer, and whiskey (specifically single malt scotch whiskey from the Highlands). Independent Spirits, Inc. specializes in two of those- wine and whiskey. Needless to say, finding this place is both seriously exciting and incredibly dangerous.


We popped in to the store after our sushi date night at Indie Cafe. This place is right next door! What better way to end a date night than with a nice bottle of wine at home relaxing? So we poked out heads in and discovered not only a glorious selection but a simply beautiful interior.


The wine is sorted by country and type. Want a merlot from the US? Look for the map of the States then find your Merlot. Whiskey was sorted by type of whiskey. I quickly found the Scotch section. The one thing I wish they’d done is sort the single malt stuff by region. Glenlivet and Laphroaig are very different based entirely upon region.


We settled on a nice rich merlot from the US to take home, broke out some glasses, and settled in for a movie to end our evening.


Independent Spirits, Inc. hosts tastings periodically. I fully intend to pop in for one. Prepare for that post.

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  1. Jen

    2015-06-23 at 12:54 am

    You look so beautiful! Xo <3

      1. Jen

        2015-06-24 at 10:38 pm

        You’re welcome! The photos are lovely!

  2. nunu

    2015-06-23 at 10:43 am

    very nice outfit dear!
    Big hug
    Check it out my new post:

  3. ashleysedbona

    2015-06-23 at 3:09 pm

    How cute does your hair look braided halfway like this??!! I love love love it — that and those killer pumps! Checking this spot out ASAP!

    Sed Bona

    1. dannie54

      2015-06-24 at 9:25 am

      Easily the best shoe purchase I have made in the last year. They’re actually quite comfortable. With all the straps and ties, my foot feels extra secure in them. They’re the kind of shoes I can take over the world in. =]
      Thanks for stopping by!

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