The Dressing Room of My Dreams

Arhaus Dream Closet | Stile.Foto.Cibo

If you follow along on my Instagram, you know that I recently moved. Yes, again. But with that comes the chance to create some amazing new spaces. So when I stumbled across Arhaus, you know I needed to come up with a way to craft my own. After all, while I don’t have a room to dedicate to a dressing room/closet space, a girl can dream, right?

Thus, I took to Pinterest! Even just searching “closets” I got an overwhelming number of options to inspire me. There’s no way to pick just one! So I started with what I know. Damsel in Dior’s closet is straight up #goals but I need a space that  is multi-functional. A space where I can work, maybe have a few friends over for coffee. A space that is not only my closet but so much more.  You get the idea.

Arhaus Dream Closet | Stile.Foto.Cibo


Home spaces are required to be cozy to me, so I’m starting from the ground up and looking at rugs. I have this love affair with sheepskin that translates to a need for ultra-soft rugs underneath my feet. I love to pad around barefoot so something that will feel amazing between my toes is a must. This sheepskin rug by Arhaus is absolutely perfect for a closet space! It would soften up my toes as I get ready for the evening and even be a great spot for my pups to lie while they watch mom spend way too long getting dressed.

Arhaus Dream Closet | Stile.Foto.Cibo


Lighting is another key component in a great dressing space. You want something that’s going to keep all of your amazing clothes visible but also something that’s going to offer a touch of class,so I’m picking this chandelier to hang right in the middle of the room. This will cast a dreamy yet bright light around the whole space and really keep up the cozy home vibe. Need more lighting inspiration? Click this link and browse some seriously magical fixtures for not only your dressing room but your whole home. 

Arhaus Dream Closet | Stile.Foto.Cibo


A good closet is going to have space for your friends to sit, am I right? How many times have you called your best friend because they need to get there right now and help you pick out the perfect date night look. Put in this gorgeous bench by Arhaus and not only will they have a place to perch, you’ll have a spot to toss the rejects while you keep flipping through options. With the removable tray, you can even have coffee or wine on hand to keep the inspiration flowing!

Arhaus Dream Closet | Stile.Foto.Cibo


I already said I love a multi-functional space and, because I’m a style blogger, I love to be surrounded by the pieces I’m writing about. Inspiration hanging all around? Yes please! Throwing in this amazing desk by Arhaus would give me a place to work away on the blog and keep pieces nearby. Early in the morning it could even double as a vanity. Hang a cute mirror above it, like this one by Arhaus, and you’re good to go! The shelves of the desk would make for perfect makeup storage too.

And there you have it! Add in some amazing clothing storage, a place for me to show off my shoes, and I’m all set! If you could design your dream dressing room, what kind of furniture would you put in it?


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