Wife Life | One Year of Marriage | “How We Met” Story

Wife Life | One Year Anniversary | How We Met Story

Wife Life, the Anniversary Edition!

It’s your neighborhood queer wife back for another Wife Life takeover! In case you haven’t seen one of these before, I’m Ari, Dannie’s wife, and I like to do a little takeover occasionally to share styles I’m loving and share stories of our life together. The last one I did was way back in June when I reviewed some of our favorite restaurants in Seattle and my philosophy on combat boots. Check that out here. Since then, I’ve also made a little Wife Life shop on Stile.Foto.Cibo for all my fave plus size finds, so be sure to check that out!

Recently, we did a shoot for a Fashionably Femme feature (side note, you guys have no idea how excited I am for that post to go live! You’re gonna love her!) and she pointed out that we hadn’t shared our “How We Met” story. And our first wedding anniversary seemed like a perfect opportunity to share that! A lot of times we gloss over it, saying we met through mutual friends, but while that’s technically correct, it’s not the whole story at all.

How We Met, A Youtube Story

Long, long ago in the fall of 2012, I was a college student at DePaul in downtown Chicago looking for some socializing that wasn’t a study group. I was obsessed with this Youtube channel called the vlogbrothers, run by brothers John and Hank Green. Yes, the YA author John Green. Anyways, their fans have a moniker, nerdfighters, because we are nerds who fight to decrease worldsuck (AKA suckiness in the world. Don’t question it). So I found a Facebook group for Chicago Nerdfighters and decided to go meet some new friends.

The first gathering I went to was a huge meetup downtown on 12/12/12 (for those of you in the know, it was for Beckoning of Lovely). There, I first met Dannie. And about 50 other people. BUT we did exchange tumblr urls and followed each other. As well as the other 50 people. It’s not a smooth story guys.

It all started with chili

Fast forward to March 2013 and we run into each other again at a smaller gathering where about a dozen of us got coffee, wandered, popped into book stores and record stores and anything else that caught our eye. After that, we became Facebook friends. Which led to us actually hanging out a week or so later when I made a pot of chili from a recipe that claimed to be 6 servings and turned out to be more like 20. With only me and my sibling to eat it, I put the call out on Facebook. Dannie commented, “I like chili!” so we exchanged numbers and made plans.

She came over with homemade pie, because it was Pi Day too. We have a nerdy story, okay? Unfortunately, it was her first time trying to make vegan pie and it turned out to be more of a crumble than a pie. But it was still tasty! So the three of us had chili and pie and chatted and she went home. And we texted. Oh boy did we text. All day, every day, we were sharing silly little things and low key flirting. Except neither of us was actually sure if the other was flirting.

Leave it to the internet…

What sealed it was a tumblr post, of all things. It asked “Give me a [relation]ship and I’ll react with only a gif,” and a sneaky anon (it was Dannie) sent me “How about you and me?” After that, I was pretty convinced that yes, we were both flirting, and I asked her out. To a date going to a coffee shop we were already planning to meet at later that day. I commandeered it, so sue me. She said yes, thankfully, and we met up to awkwardly flirt in person! A few weeks later we made it official and the rest, as they say, is history. Beautiful, queer history.

But about that outfit.

Of course I had to share some of my style again, so here I am in my favorite new Eloquii blouse, a pair of forever 21 leggings, and some thrifted green suede booties. The watch is Francesca’s and just the cutest little thing. The hair is home dyed and the puff is au natural.


I’ll link some similar stuff and seriously, if you’re a size 14 and up, you NEED to go check out Eloquii. I’ve shopped online with them before, notably for my rehearsal dinner dress (similar here and here), but now they have a store! It’s beautiful to be able to walk into a store with my size, see mannequins and models that look like me, and of course they have BEAUTIFUL clothes. None of those shapeless, dark, or “thinning” stuff that often gets pushed for plus size women. Their stuff is well made, bright colors, structured and tailored perfectly, and super unique. Dannie had to drag me out of the store before I bought a new blazer, a few dresses, and boots. The struggle is real. I’ve linked a few below.

So that’s it! Our “How We Met” story. Leave your “how we met” story in the comments for you and your partner! We both love hearing them.
Wife Life | One Year Anniversary | How We Met Story
Wife Life | One Year Anniversary | How We Met Story
Wife Life | One Year Anniversary | How We Met Story
Wife Life | One Year Anniversary | How We Met Story
Wife Life | One Year Anniversary | How We Met Story
Wife Life | One Year Anniversary | How We Met Story
Wife Life | One Year Anniversary | How We Met Story

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