Librarian Style | Wardrobe Essentials for Effortlessly Chic Workwear

Librarian Style - Wardrobe Essentials for creating a work-friendly yet effortlessly chic wardrobe

Librarian Style - Wardrobe Essentials for creating a work-friendly yet effortlessly chic wardrobe

Librarian Style - Wardrobe Essentials for creating a work-friendly yet effortlessly chic wardrobe

Creating an easy yet stellar outfit for work shouldn’t be difficult. Keep it professional, keep it comfortable, and add pieces that make you feel amazing! When I shop, I always aim to at least try to find pieces that can double as workwear. What’s the fun in new clothes if you can’t wear them whenever you want?

I take a lot of my style inspiration from searching around on Pinterest (follow for all of my outfit inspo and more!) so I figured I’d search “librarian style” to see what would come up. Full stop, not a good idea. Sure there were a few actually good gems in there but I swear if I see one more “sexy librarian” trope used to show off your new glasses or cardigan, I may scream.

Okay, yes, my closet has lots of cardigans. And yes I do get excited over new glasses! (for the record, my glasses are for distance, not reading. So it’s not even playing into the logic behind the stereotype!) But those have nothing to do with my profession and I can guarantee you have the same in your closet. So why all of this stereotyping? Can’t it just be office style? Apparently not.

And, thus, I’m sharing my fashion essentials, librarian style. Because your stereotypes are stupid and there is so much more that goes into my work looks than what you typically associate with “Librarian Style.” No Cardigans Allowed! (okay, maybe sometimes. They’re just so comfortable!)

To shop these essentials, just click on the product to go directly to its shopping page! I do earn commission every time you click but I’m also aiming to just help you get good style. (Interested in supporting your fave femme blogger? I have a Patreon!)

The Essential Button Down Blouse

What is it about a crisp white button down that just goes with everything? Dress it up with a maxi skirt, dress it down with jeans, dress it for a no pants day and still feel sexy and chic. Whatever the occasion, it’s almost guaranteed a button down will work. My favorites, hands down, are the Express Portofino shirt, and the Loft Utility blouse. Both have excellent convertible sleeves, come in so many cuts and prints, and fits so many different bodies. The drapey nature of the fabric used on these adds an effortless chic that more structured blouses just can’t offer.

Blaze your Trail with a Blazer

Blazers are the easiest way to take an outfit up a notch. Whether it’s a super casual outfit being tied together with a blazer, or taking your business look to a whole new level while interviewing for your dream job, a blazer is the way to go!

Booties Made for Walkin’

Booties are the easiest shoe to keep a stellar and stylish look about you no matter the season. With so many patterns and heel heights, there’s easily something for everyone!

Denim for Days

I actively aim to keep my wardrobe budget friendly. But jeans are an area where I no longer compromise. These need to be high quality. I know jean shopping can be so draining for people. So pick a day when there aren’t any sales on, preferably in the middle of the week before the lunch rush, and go to your favorite stores to try on every style of denim they own in multiple sizes. Bring your bestie then reward yourselves with lunch together afterwards. My top favorites are the Old Navy Rockstar, Gap’s Perfect boot in a Long, and J.Crew’s Toothpick cut.

Statement Earrings

To polish off any piece, I top off any good essential outfit with a pair of statement earrings. This is a great space to play! Since I work with kids, I often will keep my earrings to a reasonable length but I still like to play and have fun. Haven’t gotten an earring pulled out yet! Favorite brands include BaubleBar (obviously), which is featured below. But where earrings are concerned, use this opportunity to support your artist friends! I can guarantee you know at least one person who makes fabulous earrings.


There you have it! My top wardrobe essentials, some honest to goodness real live actual librarian style. Now go find the pieces that work for you and find your own style!

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