Queer Couple Makeup Challenge | My Wife Did My Makeup and It’s Hilarious

There’s nothing like a silly YouTube challenge to make you giggle and keep the chill off as we eagerly await Spring’s arrival. And, thus, Ari and I created the Queer Couple Makeup Challenge! I laid out all of my regular makeup products and turned her loose on my face. Enter hilarity.

“The only one I know how to use is eyeliner.”

Uh oh…

Needless to say, this makeup challenge caused some amazing giggles along the way, and only being horrified once or twice! I’m so excited to share this amusing video with you.

Queer Couple Makeup Challenge

But it wouldn’t be a true challenge if we didn’t ask others to try it out! So, makeup loving femmes and others, set out your makeup for your partner and let them have at! If you’re feeling brave enough, send me a photo! Extra brave? Share a video. I want to see!

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Thanks for watching!
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