Driving to St. Louis with the Toyota Camry #LoveDrives

By Dannie Levine

Driving to St. Louis with the Toyota Camry #LoveDrives

Driving to St. Louis with the Toyota Camry #LoveDrives

It’s been a little while since my St. Louis trip at the end of April. There was so much to write about that I couldn’t pick just one thing! Finally, I’m here to share with you a little bit of this amazing trip and the wheels we had to take us there and back. My friends at Toyota were kind enough to lend me the Toyota Camry XLE for the long weekend for review purposes. All opinions you read are 100% my own.

Driving to St. Louis with the Toyota Camry #LoveDrives

The Drive

If you are following along on my YouTube channel, you’ve already seen my first impressions of the car. It had a push button! Check out our drive below! Once I figured out why the car was beeping at me (it was the lane departure, sorry), we had a lovely drive! She handled beautifully, synced to my phone for audio book listening, and she zipped when I was passing farm equipment. Even Grandma liked it when we picked her up for lunch on the way.

I’ve never been one to really enjoy driving. It’s a necessary evil for me — triggers anxiety often, just doesn’t get me excited, generally isn’t my favorite activity. Driving down to St. Louis, though, was actually fun! This trip was also the first road trip Ari and I took in a while, so that was lovely, too. We got to chat and make fun of peoples’ driving and laugh at billboards and just hang out without technology between us. Definitely recommend taking a tech free road trip with your partner! Okay there was a bit of tech, because we listened to an audio book. We listened to The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee. It’s a queer adventure novel set long ago. Being on our own adventure, this was the perfect way to go. It felt like we were on an adventure with the characters thanks to the Camry XLE!

About halfway to St. Louis, we made a pit stop to visit my grandma. Because she’s so far away, we don’t get to visit her very often so having the opportunity to pull off the highway and see her was the best! We grabbed lunch, looked at photos, even took home a few of her paintings as she works to downsize, and enjoyed having time with family. As I said earlier, even she liked the car!

Driving to St. Louis with the Toyota Camry #LoveDrives

The Toyota Camry

My favorite thing about the Camry XLE was the handling. I drive a 2010 compact car normally and she’s a great little car but sometimes I wish she were a little smoother. The Camry was an absolute dream to drive. Smooth as butter. She zips, she accelerates, and she stops on a dime! I was a bit sad to go back to Kazza (my car’s got a name. What of it?), I wish I could have kept the Camry! At one point in the drive, we got stuck behind a truck carrying farm equipment and going about 25 mph on a 2 lane highway. Our Camry let us zip around and pass them without worrying we couldn’t pass in time! (Sorry Kazza).

Driving to St. Louis with the Toyota Camry #LoveDrives

St. Louis

Back in the car, we completed our journey to St. Louis. We got to cross over the Mississippi River and get a great view of the arch right at sunset. Totally perfect. We made it to our AirBnb in the Cherokee Antique & Arts District just in time for some unpacking, exploring, and settling in before we headed to dinner. I might be just way too used to Chicago but we drove to a cute/hip area for dinner and parking was free. Free parking? On a Friday night? In a city? This is unheard of! So we grabbed dinner at Square One Brewery & Distillery and enjoyed driving through the city for the evening before parking for the night and tucking in for a day of adventures tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more posts about St. Louis and a complete Fashionably Femme travel guide very soon! If you want a sneak peak of the beer, antiques, rainbows, and pizza, head over to my YouTube channel and check out Out & About in St. Louis.

Driving to St. Louis with the Toyota Camry #LoveDrives

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    Looks so fun! I’m leaving for my next road trip on Friday and I cannot wait!


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