National Dog Day – Why Dogs are the Best Pets Ever

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aerie real fleece lined lounge leggings

National Dog Day feat. aerie real fleece lined lounge leggings | Stile.Foto.Cibo

aerie real fleece lined lounge leggings

National Dog Day feat. aerie real fleece lined lounge leggings | Stile.Foto.Cibo

aerie real fleece lined lounge leggings

National Dog Day feat. aerie real fleece lined lounge leggings | Stile.Foto.Cibo

aerie real fleece lined lounge leggings

National Dog Day feat. aerie real fleece lined lounge leggings | Stile.Foto.Cibo

National Dog Day feat. aerie real fleece lined lounge leggings | Stile.Foto.Cibo

It’s National Dog Day! Which might as well be Christmas for me.

It’s no secret that my dogs are my LIFE. I mean come on, I have a tattoo of Zoe’s paw print on my arm! But I haven’t really properly introduced the girls to the blog. So I’m going to take a second to do that now as a way to honor them for National Dog Day. I’ve got their adoption stories and some fun facts about each of them.     Are you a dog person? Share your dog stories in the comments! I want to hear them all!  

Zoe The Lovenugget

Zoe’s my “first born” and, thus, gets a bit of preferential treatment. She’s my scardey cat, always nervous, with more trauma in her past than you can shake a bone at.     We had intended to go to a local shelter and see who we fell in love with when it came time to adopt a dog. But while browsing Pet Finder, we stumbled upon a skinny little dog with the saddest eyes and biggest ears and immediately fell in love.

We contacted the adoption group, arranged a meeting, and knew we found our dog. Zoe doesn’t give kisses but she crawled right into my wife’s lap and gave her one little kiss right on the mouth! Almost as if to say “Okay, you’re my human now. Let’s go home.”    

For as cute as she was, though, she didn’t come without her shortage of challenges. Zoe was incredibly under weight, had recently recovered from spay surgery, a UTI, and ear mites, and oh boy did she have separation anxiety. With our windows closed on the 5th floor of a high rise on a high traffic road, you could still hear her barking for us to come home from the sidewalk. I’m forever grateful to our neighbors who were all so patient with us as we worked to help her through her traumas.    

Now, she’s an incredibly spunky little sass monster who has a penchant for soft blankets and the uncanny ability to hide bones so well even SHE can’t find them.

Fun Zoe facts

  • She has her very own Instagram account! Follow her @zoethelovenugget 
  • Her favorite toy is called Blue Bone. It’s a blue peanut butter flavored Nylabone that she will do ANYTHING for. She buries it in her bed, carries it around the apartment, and more. It’s the one toy that Tonks is not allowed to play with.
  • At night, Zoe sleeps on a blanket above my pillow on the bed. I call her my Zoe Hat because she curls right around my head.
  • For safety and strong recall, I trained Zoe how to walk off leash. It’s great when we go to large parks where I need to call her back to me but TERRIBLE when there’s a squirrel. I’ve carried her out of dog parks over my shoulder before because she literally ran up a tree to get to a squirrel. 
  • Her favorite place to be is wherever I am. She’ll follow me around the apartment waiting for me to sit down then curl up nearby. If I’m at my desk, she likes to lay in a blanket nest on top of my desk to be nearby! 
  • Her Wisdom Panel results tell us that she is: 25% Parson Russell Terrier, 25% Beagle, 25% Boston Terrier, and 25% Mixed Breed. If that doesn’t showcase her sass and attitude perfectly, I don’t know what does! 

Tonks the Tater, aka NymphaDOGa Tonks

Tonks was 100% not the dog we planned on adopting. And I love her even more for it. When we were ready to adopt a second dog, we went to PAWS Chicago intent on meeting an entirely different dog. She’d been there for several years and just wasn’t having any luck finding her home. Turns out, when we went, someone else had gotten there just before us! We didn’t get the dog we wanted but that was okay. She had a home.    

So we put off our dog search. But I came in for a volunteer shift and locked eyes with a small pit bull looking dog with lots of spunk and a good amount of bork. As it was morning cleaning, I took her for a walk and we clicked. This goofball tried to catch a ball with her two front paws and just loved to play. I fell in love. So we brought Zoe in, who said yes i like this one please, and the rest is history.    

Tonks has been a challenge for us. She’s got lots of energy, a loud voice, is constantly nervous, and is reactive towards other dogs on leash. Her training was a challenge and we did basic obedience twice just to keep her mind busy! Now she’s my smart little angel who just wants a cuddle but she definitely dind’t start like that.    

Her name comes from a Harry Potter character of the same name and Tonks really embodies her namesake. She’s smart as a whip, incredibly loyal, and clumsier than a newborn foal. And we adore her for it.

Fun Tonks Facts

  • This dog has HOPS! She can easily jump 5 feet in the air. We’ve trained her to “boop” where she jumps up and taps her nose to ours. And we’re working on teaching her “lights” so she can jump up and turn off light switches. It’s going to be so cute if it works out!
  • When we first adopted her, she was crazy hyper all the time. Once, she jumped on the couch to bark at a dog outside and she headbutted me. She knocked out my nose ring (rip nose ring) and broke my glasses! I was pretty mad at her at the time but now it’s hilarious to talk about.
  • She doesn’t have a favorite toy. All toys are her favorite toy. Though she definitely prefers squeaky, crinkly, or tuggable toys.
  • When first adopted, Tonks had no idea how to snuggle. Ari would spend time each night giving her lots pets and rubs to help her learn what snuggle time was. Now she has to spend each night snuggling Ari in the same spot and won’t sleep without her nightly rub down! 
  • Her Wisdom Panel results tell us she is: 50% American Staffordshire Terrier, 12% Australian Shepherd, and 38% Mixed Breed. We call her the chair of the Itty Bitty Pittie Committee since she’s only 30 pounds. Tiny baby pit bull! 

My dogs are my life. I love them more than life itself. They help keep me grounded, remind me to take it slow and simple, and honestly help me remember to take care of myself. Without my pups, I wouldn’t be half the person I am today. Cheers to dogs! and a Happy National Dog Day. 

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  1. Dima

    2018-08-27 at 5:07 pm

    “a good amount of bork” is a very generous way to describe tonks xD and also zoe might disagree with your assessment of how Tonks’ adoption went… this a v cute photoshoot tho, pls send my love to both of them (and Leo says that Tonks is his favorite)

  2. Stephanie

    2018-08-28 at 7:19 pm

    HERE, HAVE MAX’S ADOPTION STORY (sorry it’s late; migraines ;_; )

    I grew up with a pack of dachshunds (4 of them), and always knew I wanted at least one dog. Instead, I had two cats and a small child. Totally the perfect environment to bring a dog into, right? Point of fact, it was. I had this itch that couldn’t be satisfied with my parents’ dogs. I needed one of my own. So I kept an eye on my local shelter’s webpage, watching to see who was around and who appealed to me. One day, I saw this tiny ball of black fluff that the website said was a schipperke mix. I was hesitant, because I had, as mentioned, a small child and two cats, but I loved her look and the description of her; off to the shelter I went. I waited around to be taken back to the dogs for quite some time…and while I was standing there, the dog I was there to see trotted out with a new owner. Womp womp!

    Something told me I wasn’t done, though. When the volunteer came and took me back to the dogs, I wandered up and down the rows. I came across this one little cell with the biggest pair of eyes and ears I’d ever seen. He was adorable! But he was also listed as a chihuahua, and even more of concern to mixing with my cats and kiddo was a chihuahua. So I smiled at him and kept looking. I played with maybe half a dozen dogs, from a bonded pair of a jack russel and a yorkie (that made me rethink things because where Tonks is full of bork, they were full of yip). I had about given up, thinking that it wasn’t going to happen that day when I wandered past those ears and eyes again. This time, I stopped. He’d moved closer to the gate and was sitting on the floor, very primly, looking up at me with a gently wagging tail. He hadn’t made a single sound that I heard.

    I looked at him. He looked at me. I sat down. He stood up and stepped a little closer to the gate. I held my fingers out, letting him sniff. He obliged, and thens naked his tongue through the grate to lick my fingers. I glanced up at his info tag: Mickey. 3 year old Male Chihuahua. That was it. I looked back down at him, and noticed that…well, his ears were too big to be chihuahua ears alone; his snoot was too long; his body was too long; and when he sat down, the spread of his paws was the same turn out I’d grown up with. “Little man, you’re part dachshund, aren’t you?” A happy tail wag and some more finger licks. “I’ll be right back. I think you and I need to meet without a gate between us.”

    By the time the volunteer arrived with the lead, the tail was in high gear, bouncing was a definite thing, but funnily enough, even though almost every other dog around him was barking, this little fuzzbutt wasn’t making a sound. We walked him out to the courtyard, and this little dude immediately hopped up into my lap, sat down, and surveyed the world around him with serene confidence. “Wow,” the volunteer said. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him do that. He’s usually sniffing everywhere and ignores the people.”

    I stroked his soft head and smiled. “Well…when you find your person, you gotta make sure they know.”

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