Rational Creatures – Jane Austen meets YouTube in a Queer Adaptation of Persuasion

I’ve got a really exciting project to share with you today! And a little call to action to help make it happen.

Are you into web series projects? Do you love woman-powered projects? Do you love when classic works of literature are given a queer spin? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I’ve got an awesome project for you!

Rational Creatures - Jane Austen meets YouTube in a Queer Adaptation of Persuasion

Rational Creatures is a modernized web series inspired by Jane Austen’s Persuasion.

The project is helped by a group of young women from the US, Canada, and the UK. This team has created works such as Twincidents, Away from it all, Merry Maidens, and Nottingham. So this certainly isn’t their first rodeo.

Twenty-something Ana Elías enjoys being the one who’s always there for her friends and family, but she never asks anyone to return the favor. Persuaded—by herself and her family —to put the needs of others above her own, she’s still living at home and working at her father’s business, Kellynch Travel Agency, but secretly itching to do something more.

Bisexual-and-proud Fred Wentworth has been on the go since he graduated from high school. Living a nomadic lifestyle as an almost-famous travel writer with a second book deal in the works, Fred’s living the proverbial dream, but something is still missing no matter where he goes.

Eight years ago, Ana and Fred couldn’t imagine breaking up. But now, driven back into each other’s lives by chance after several years apart, they’re worse than strangers. Can they confront the choices that led to heartbreak while fulfilling their individual hopes and dreams for the future, and, just maybe, find a way back to each other?

Rational Creatures - Jane Austen meets YouTube in a Queer Adaptation of Persuasion

This is the part where we need your help. 

In order to make Rational Creatures a real live web series, they need funding. The creators came to me, thanks to past Fashinable Femme Cat, asking me to share this awesome project with you. Of course I’m on board with a project like this! 

As casting happens, we’re going to feature some of the queer femme characters in Fashionably Femme posts to get you even more jazzed about the project. 

But for now, these creators are asking for some big help. Do you have a little money to donate to their campaign? Check it out here including the awesome incentives and even a teaser video. This is going to be something amazing but we need your help to get there! 

There’s a little rush – the campaign ends on September 7th, but I know we can help them rock this campaign to the end and get the project live and rocking! 

Donate to help Rational Creatures here. 

Thanks in advance for being my amazing readers. Without you, projects like this wouldn’t happen. 

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