Wife Life | Bisexual Visibility Day

By Ari Levine

Wife Life: Bisexual Visibility Day

Hey y’all! It’s Ari, back with another Wife Life takeover for Bisexual Visibility Day!

I’ve talked before about identifying as bisexual/queer, and this day is really important to me. Why, you ask? I’m so glad. 

Wife Life: Bisexual Visibility Day

For me, bisexual visibility is about combating stereotypes.

For many years, I stayed in the closet despite crushes on different genders, and dated only men because it was easier. In that time, I had two serious relationships with men who told me that they would not have dated me if I was bisexual. Their reasoning? I would cheat on them. I clarified, with both, that they did not think I would cheat on them with another man, but if I was also attracted to women? All bets were off. It’s super toxic and definitely contributed to my continued closeted existence well into my 20s.

That particular stereotype, the greedy bisexual, is just one of many. There’s also the idea that bi is just a stepping stone on the way to gay (especially prominent in the gay male community) or a phase, something to grow out of and go back to dating the opposite gender. 

Wife Life: Bisexual Visibility Day

I’m just one person, but those are the reasons bisexual visibility is important to me. Since today is all about lifting up bisexual voices, I’ve also collected some statements from others who identify as something other than heterosexual or homosexual, e.g. pansexual, queer, etc.

Why is Bisexual Visibility important to you?


Because it’s really frustrating that just because I married a man people think I can’t possibly understand.


Because people assume when they see me with my male partners that there’s no other option and when I’m with my femme presenting partners it’s seen as a fetish.  And it’s important because too many people don’t know that there’s even an option other than gay or straight.


Bi visibility is important to me because when I date a girl people assume I’m straight and THAT AIN’T ME. And cause we gotta show the bby queers to be loud n proud.


People assume that bi folks can’t be happy with just one person of any gender, that they will always be wishing for another.


Because I don’t have to prove I’m “gay enough,” I just feel what I feel.


Because I IDed as “(mostly) straight” until my late 20s, thinking that since my Officially Recorded Major Crushes didn’t fall into a strict 50:50 gender ratio and my (at that point, only three total!) actual romantic relationships have all been with men, my Very Obvious attraction to other genders must not be Real or Enough


Because we are human beings and deserve love, respect, and understanding like everyone else!


Because I can’t pick a label and everyone is hot.


Because we actually make up a HUGE percentage of the queer community and yet we are so rarely represented, much less accurately.

Wife Life: Bisexual Visibility Day
Wife Life: Bisexual Visibility Day
Wife Life: Bisexual Visibility Day
Wife Life: Bisexual Visibility Day
Wife Life: Bisexual Visibility Day

I hope all of this helped you see a bit of the importance of Bisexual Visibility for today and every day. Have questions? Drop them in the comments! 

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1 Comment

  1. Emily

    2018-09-24 at 9:26 am

    WOW I love this so much!! I didn’t realize how much Bi people are misrepresented and even overlooked until I read this. I (straight) dated a (then closeted) bi man in high school and he didn’t come out until a few years after we broke up, and I wished he had felt comfortable enough to be open about it. Thank you so much for sharing this, I hope the word continues to be spread!

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