NYFW Trends that You can try Right Now!

By Dannie Levine

NYFW SS19 Trends You can Try Right Now!

After New York Fashion Week, everyone’s always recapping their experiences and sharing how excited they are for trends come that season. But there are NYFW Trends you can try right now, no need to wait! Here’s some of my favorites (and least favorites) for everyone. 

Suits for all!

From the Dapper Q show to Nonie, there are so many options for suits and all the pieces that go with them. From amazing button-downs all the way to full custom tailored suits, fashion’s got you covered.

Belt Bags are here to stay.

Okay, I know belt bags colloquially go by another name but I really don’t like it so I’m refusing to use it. The belt bag was on nearly every single runway I saw, both in person and in recap. It’s sticking around but there are some fun ways to wear them! And, having worn one for Pride, I can confirm that their functionality is pretty great. Add a little bit of style to them and I’m SOLD.

Silk scarves are always on trend but they’re particularly in right now.

Tie one on your handbag to add some unique personality or in your hair to dress up a pony tail! I particularly enjoy wearing them around my neck for a casual yet chic touch to complete any outfit.

Neutrals and BRIGHT colors are your go-tos.

If it’s not an earthy tone, it better be super bright because those are the only color palettes I saw! The brights weren’t necessarily neon, just really really colorful. And, honestly, I’m here for that. While I will always pick a neutral above color, it’s exciting to see fun colors in the mix. Who knows, maybe I’ll even style something bright into my otherwise neutral wardrobe. We’ll have to see!

Patchwork is everywhere.

That jacket your crazy aunt never stopped wearing is back on trend again so she’s officially back in style. It goes to show that any trend will come back around if you give it enough time. I personally don’t think I’ll be adopting this one unless I can get a hold of that one jacket my mom used to wear…

Mismatched earrings is a trend I am ALL about.

I first spied them on Burberry’s SS18 runway last autumn and immediately rejoiced for all the single-yet-still-awesome earrings I have. Their time has come! If you’re going to adopt this, I would recommend sticking with one bold and one basic earring, at least for a little while until the trend continues or until you’re comfy with it. 

Dad Sneakers

While this isn’t my favorite trend just because I personally don’t like dad sneakers, the era of the comfy shoe has returned! Your favorite supportive old dad shoe is on trend and you can officially wear them anywhere you want. My favorite adoption of this is with the sneakers-and-dresses trend. 

But remember… 

Trends are just that, trends. They’ll have their moment and then they will disappear again for a few decades (or forever). Wear what makes you happy and ignore what anyone tells you (yes, even me.). You are the only person who can dictate what goes on your body. 

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