Meet the New Fashionably Femme Team

Welcome back to Fashionably Femme! We’re so glad you’re here and thrilled to have you back on board for this wild and crazy ride. There’s so much amazing stuff coming very soon but before we inundate you with some of the queerest content on the internet, we want to take a second to share the team behind it all!

My Look for the Chicago Pride Parade 2018

Dannie (Creative Director and Founder) (She/Her)

Dannie is the founder and Creative Director of Fashionably Femme. She’s a late twenties queer femme with a penchant for fashion, dogs, and coffee. Some of her favorite queer past times include smashing the patriarchy, challenging the status quo, and getting tattoos. With this relaunch, you can expect to see articles from her talking about fashion, happenings in the Chicago queer community, and so much more. One of the things she’s most excited about is to finally have a team behind Fashionably Femme!

Zoë Mikel-Stites (Assistant Manager/Unicorn Wrangler)

Zoë Mikel-Stites (Assistant Manager/Unicorn Wrangler)

Zoë crawled out of a Florida swamp almost 300 years ago. Since doing so she has created an acceptable human disguise as an independent artist, writer and editor. She is genuinely excited to be working on Fashionably Femme, to help bring a voice to a community that she wishes she had found far earlier in her life. She is panromantic and demisexual, an identity she only found the vocabulary for a few years ago, and wants to bring more visibility and a stronger voice to the middle of the spectrum. She currently hides away in Chicago with her cat Oz, but can be found on twitter under the name @Swamp_Wytch and her work can be found at

Bryant  (SEO Goddess) (They/Them and He/Him)

Bryant (SEO Goddess) (They/Them and He/Him)

Bryant is a bigender, geeky, shameless hedonist and general weirdo. They’ve been in some variety of marketing for the past 10 years, largely focusing on search engine optimization and content writing. Outside of the professional life, they’re into board and video games, going to queer + poly meetups, horror movies (awful ones and good ones), and drinking incredible amounts of coffee.

Lauren (Photographer) (She/Her)

Lauren (Photographer) (She/Her)

From the pits of Hathsin, to the whispered stories of the Chandrain, Lauren has wandered through many worlds as a chronicler, a storyteller, and most recently a film student. She developed a love for photography after discovering how much easier it was to simply press a shutter button than it was to cast a spell in to the woods of an age old ash tree at the base of a river that was known as the resting place of Narcissus.

We’re so excited to be back in action lifting up the queer community

…and sharing amazing content. Keep an eye out this week for additional posts on what you can expect from Fashionably Femme in the very near future.

-The Fashionably Femme Team

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