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Queer Life and Culture

Queer Life and Culture

My Pride Experience – Challenges of Pride

Welcome to My Pride Experience! My Pride Experience is a series where contributors share their experiences with Pride celebrations. These can be good, bad, or in between. Join us on our journey to discover how Pride is celebrated and experienced by members of our own community. Do you want to share your own Pride experience? Contact us at fashionablyfemme [at] Challenges of Pride By Christine Farina It’s Pride Month, one of ...
Queer Life and Culture

I Have One Word for My Queer Students and Queer Former Teachers

By Stephanie Johnson The world has changed a lot from when I was a teenager. At 36, an “elder millennial” if you will, I feel like I was at the front edge of where it was getting more acceptable to be more “out and proud” in school. Of course, a lot of that didn’t apply to my private Catholic high school (ask me some day about the poor girl who shaved her head and was forced to wear a wig until it grew out enough to be deemed ...
Queer Life and Culture

Gatekeeping and Ace Allyship

By Denois Gatekeeping in the LGBT+/queer community seems to be a perennial problem and currently a lot of efforts seem to be expended around pushing asexual (and sometimes aromantic, for those that use the split attraction model) people out of the community. However, I believe that gatekeepers are actually a small part of the community and what’s more common is that people have misconceptions about asexuality. Strictly speaking, ...
Queer Life and Culture

Gatekeeping in the LGBTQ Community

By Ari Levine. In many ways, the LGBTQ+ community is amazing. We are diverse, proud, and beautiful. But unfortunately, some parts of the community are excluded from spaces or conversations due to gatekeeping within the community. Sometimes it’s in little ways, sometimes in open ways. Today, let’s talk about all those ways and how we can support our fellow community members. Not “X” Enough One of the most common forms ...
Queer Life and Culture

Queer Identity and Tattoos – An Interview with Jordan Lentz of Copperplate Tattoo

As promised in our post about Queer Identity and Tattoos, here’s an interview with Chicago-based queer tattoo artist Jordan Lentz. Jordan can be found at Copperplate Tattoo in Chicago. For contact info, please check out her Instagram bio. Our creative director Dannie has been tattooed by Jordan and highly recommends her to anyone looking for super realistic nature work. Tell us about yourself – you, your work, your story, ...
Queer Life and Culture

What is Bisexual Culture?

By Zoë Mikel-Stites A few months ago I sat in my friend’s basement surrounded by queer, non-binary, bisexual and pansexual friends. We had pooled the pizza money and red wine and settled in to the couch to talk about our experiences in the middle of our respective spectrums. At the end of the night, after commiserating, comparing, discussing and hugging over our shared space between definitions, Kimberly posed a question to the group: ...
Queer Life and Culture

Queer Identity and Tattoos

By Dannie Levine Tattoos have always been part of one’s identity. From its beginning, the history of tattoos has been inherently rooted in showcasing one’s identity to the world. For some, it’s showing cultural aspects of their life. For others, they are memorials and more. They’re also a huge part of queer identity with some awesome history that carries queer tattoo culture into present day. Queer Identity and ...
Queer Life and Culture

Dating While Bisexual

By Ari Levine I came out to most of my friends at 23, and to my parents at 24, but I knew I wasn’t straight long before that. I didn’t stay in the closet for the reasons you usually hear, though. What kept me in the closet was biphobia. Dating a Bisexual Person and They Didn’t KnowI dated men exclusively from age 17 through 23 and not once did I tell them that I was bisexual, not even the guy I dated for nearly three years. ...
Queer Life and Culture

What People Miss in Their Queer Loved Ones’ Lives

By Bryant Harland Content Warning: Homophobia, Transphobia Chicago Pride 2018 is in the top-10 happiest moments of my life. I fully embraced the Hot Topic-mall-goth-femme aesthetic that I’d always wanted, but had never had the courage to go outside in. What can I say? My sleek red-and-black dress, femme docs, and black shawl just make me feel so damn good. I was surrounded by friends from all over the queer community, and – although a ...
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National Coming Out Day: A Guide for Allies and Queers Alike

By Dannie Levine Coming Out is Hard I shared my own coming out story last year for National Coming Out Day. And as someone who is out as part of my blogging life, that’s a relatively easy story for me to share. But for others, it can be really really hard or even unsafe to come out. So this year, I’ve crafted a guide with the help of my queer fam to help you if you’re coming out, or if someone chooses to come out to you. ...