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Anniversary To Be

I’m definitely calling this a perk to a long engagement. With our venue and date solidified a while ago, we already know what our anniversary is going to be. And a few weeks ago, we got to celebrate it a year early! We packed up a breakfast picnic while it was still very dark outside, gathered blankets, hoodies, and the dog, and made our way out to the beach where we settled in to watch the sun rise. Partway into the morning, Zoe ...

Nights Out with a Trench Dress

I love getting all dolled up for a night out. It hasn’t been able to happen in a while what with work and everything but once in a while, the stars align perfectly and date night can happen. This trench vest has become my absolute favorite fall staple. It’s an older piece from Ann Taylor, purchases through Depop, an awesome app where you can buy and sell clothing and more right from your phone!  I featured this bag in my last ...


Fall is such an awesome transitional period. Beyond having literally the best fashion of the entire year AND the best fashion month, the weather is turning, we get this gorgeous show of colors, and we start getting cozy for the winter ahead. While I despise winter with a firey passion, I love fall (like every other Basic out there. Whoops). I love scarves and hot apple cider, crunchy leaves, chunky sweaters, and so much more. Heck, last ...

Queer Casual Style Inspiration: Graphic Tee

  Sunday evenings are always a fun night to go out to eat for me. Not a lot of people are out, restaurants are usually slightly empty, and it’s a great way to regroup and relax before the start of a new week. The tradition harkens back to my childhood a little. Every Sunday night, my grandparents, parents, and me would go out to dinner. We had a list of old favorites and occasionally went to try new places. It let us catch up with ...

Be Buddha Launch Outfit

You read about the launch party for Be Buddha Jewelry on Monday. Here’s the details from my outfit for the day. The Clothes This amazing two-piece set is a Forever 21 find. I was super surprised to find it but seriously pleased! This is the first and only crop top I’ve ever owned/tried and I’m actually really shocked at how much I love it. I would totally pair it with some other pieces in my wardrobe (read: my high-waisted ...

BeBuddha Jewelry Launch Party

Let me tell you about my new favorite jewelry company: Be Buddha Jewelry! Their manifesto is “outer piece for inner peace” and the jewelry reflects this! The different stones and symbols used in the jewelry all reflect different human facets including creativity, calmness, etc. The colors in these hand made pieces are absolutely stunning and range from basic golds to vibrant teals and pinks- and everything in between! I was lucky enough ...

Business Casual

It feels like everything has been non-stop work lately. Putting together outfits is fun but when I can’t have a fun pair of shorts or some particularly distressed jeans in my life, I tend to get disheartened pretty quickly. There’s only so much fun I can have with slacks before I am just ready for sweatpants. Yesterday, though, I woke up and made a decision to make business casual fun. Take the dress code for my workplace and ...


I finally did it! I finally actively looked for and found a jumpsuit. I’ve been waffling on how I feel about them for months. They look good on others but would they look good on me? What do I wear it with? How the hell do I style this thing? I have super long legs and a super long torso, what do I do?! Well, I had an event to attend (ROOF Runway with Glossed and Found and Topshop), nothing new to wear, and a might need to find ...
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Wine Night: Independent Spirits, Inc. in Edgewater

Neighborhood exploring is easily my favorite thing to do. Now that the weather has gotten nice enough to be outside for more than the time it takes the dog to do her thing and go back in, Sarah and I have really been spending time getting to know our neighborhood. Exploring boutiques, eating at local restaurants, visiting small pet stores, etc.! It was thus, we discovered Independent Spirits, Inc. The little boutique is WONDERFUL. My adult ...
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Engagement Photos by Chelsea Bliefernicht Photography

Just a few of my favorite snaps from our engagement shoot. Chelsea was a joy to work with! Enjoy just some of my favorite snaps from our engagement session! Chelsea was amazing to work with and made the shoot so much fun.