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Queer Life and Culture

What is Bisexual Culture?

By ZoĆ« Mikel-Stites A few months ago I sat in my friend’s basement surrounded by queer, non-binary, bisexual and pansexual friends. We had pooled the pizza money and red wine and settled in to the couch to talk about our experiences in the middle of our respective spectrums. At the end of the night, after commiserating, comparing, discussing and hugging over our shared space between definitions, Kimberly posed a question to the group: ...
Queer Life and Culture

Dating While Bisexual

By Ari Levine I came out to most of my friends at 23, and to my parents at 24, but I knew I wasn’t straight long before that. I didn’t stay in the closet for the reasons you usually hear, though. What kept me in the closet was biphobia. Dating a Bisexual Person and They Didn’t KnowI dated men exclusively from age 17 through 23 and not once did I tell them that I was bisexual, not even the guy I dated for nearly three years. ...