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What People Miss in Their Queer Loved Ones’ Lives

By Bryant Harland Content Warning: Homophobia, Transphobia Chicago Pride 2018 is in the top-10 happiest moments of my life. I fully embraced the Hot Topic-mall-goth-femme aesthetic that I’d always wanted, but had never had the courage to go outside in. What can I say? My sleek red-and-black dress, femme docs, and black shawl just make me feel so damn good. I was surrounded by friends from all over the queer community, and – although a ...

Meet the New Fashionably Femme Team

Welcome back to Fashionably Femme! We’re so glad you’re here and thrilled to have you back on board for this wild and crazy ride. There’s so much amazing stuff coming very soon but before we inundate you with some of the queerest content on the internet, we want to take a second to share the team behind it all! Dannie (Creative Director and Founder) (She/Her) Dannie is the founder and Creative Director of Fashionably Femme. ...