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Queer Activism – Being the Change

By Dannie Levine People ask me constantly why I blog. What’s my purpose, what’s my niche, what do I do with this little corner of the web I’ve created. And the answer is really simple when I step back and look at it. I’m embodying the adage “be the change you wish to see in the world.” There’s so much BS in the world, so much inequality and horrid treatment of everyone who doesn’t fit into a ...
Lifestyle, Queer Life and Culture

Why Lipstick Lesbian is a Problematic Phrase

By Dannie Levine It’s National Lipstick Day which means it’s time for me to smash some more ideas and thoughtless ideas. Today we’re tackling the phrase “lipstick lesbian” and why it’s so problematic and why you really shouldn’t use it ever. Like, ever again. It’s antiquated and heteronormative af. It comes from this heteronormative need to label and classify everything that mainstream society ...

The Fashionably Femme Guide to St. Louis

By Dannie Levine It’s been a while since we got back from St. Louis but I take forever to sit down and write up travel guides so… oops? Visiting St. Louis was such an amazing time. We saw our friend Tao marry the love of his life, got up to so many adventures, and finally had the opportunity to really unwind together. It’s been so long since we took a trip that we desperately needed the break. I loved all of the food we ...

Queer Summer Fashion, How to Dress for the Heat

By Dannie Levine Queer Summer Fashion | What is this apocalyptic hellscape called summer? Whoa, friends, this heat is bananas. I mean, obviously it’s summer so it’s hot but WOOF. I hate the heat. I literally wrote an entire post last November about how much I love winter. So I’m sure you can imagine how rough this weather is right now. I’m pretty much trying to hop from one air conditioned place to the next to keep ...

Festival Style 2018 – What I’m Wearing

By Dannie Levine The Festival begins this weekend! Don’t miss out on the best fashion spotting of the year in an enchanted forest near you.  Every year from July through Labor Day, a forest near Bristol, WI, buzzes to life with music, merriment, and more. From a quest to find a baby dragon to the Joust to the Death, this festival is bound to be hopping with plenty of ale to keep you content and more magic than you can shake an ...

Closet Remix – Fourth of July Outfit Inspo

By Dannie Levine As I sat down to find some outfits to shoot for the Fourth of July, I realised it’s not something I even usually think about every year. See, my dogs are terrified of the noise of fireworks (as are many dogs) so I spend the day inside participating in exactly zero festivities and, instead, snuggling my dogs and reminding them they’re alright. If you, too, have a scardey pup, I highly recommend this article by ...

Queer Books for Pride | LGBT Picture Books

By Dannie Levine in collaboration with Eti Berland and Emily Fardoux Picture Books for Pride Month It’s the last day of Pride month! These lists are going to continue into July and beyond (probably slowing to one per month) but I wanted to squeeze out one last list to close out the month. Today’s booklist is one I’m quite proud of and have been working on for a while. We’ve got picture books for ages 0-5 with LGBT themes. As Early Learning ...

Know your LGBT History | Queer Books for Pride

By Dannie Levine in collaboration with Eti Berland and Emily Fardoux Know your LGBT History | Queer Books for Pride You know that thing where I’m a librarian by day? That means I know a lot of books. Like, a lot. My goodreads has 514 books on it right now and that’s only what I remember to log, nothing compared to the number of books I’ve actually read. One of the topics I consider myself highly well read in is LGBT fiction, specifically ...

My Look for the Chicago Pride Parade 2018

By Dannie Levine   Happy Day After Pride, friends!  If you celebrated yesterday, I hope you had a truly wonderful time. Do yourself a favor and grab a large glass of water. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. This was my first year going to the Pride parade and I had a BLAST. We had a group of friends over beforehand for some pregaming and glitter makeuping. We had our truest gaggle and it was amazing. So definitely a great start to my ...

Girls Girls Girls Tee from Aloher by Wegan for Pride

By Dannie Levine Pride Month and just life in general have been bananas lately… But I just had to share this amazing tee from my fave femme duo, Wegan. Their tee line, Aloher, is an absolute favorite of mine! I’m obsessed with all of their designs but this one has to be my favorite. It definitely got some amazing compliments and attention while at Pride Fest this past weekend. These pictures are from our St. Louis trip, ...