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Grounds and Hounds

It’s an ill kept secret that I adore coffee. It’s even LESS of a secret that I adore dogs. So what happens when I get the opportunity to work with a coffee company that donates money to dog rescues? I pounce on the opportunity, wagging my invisible tail!   Have a Little Dog With Your Coffee Grounds and Hounds might just be my new favorite brand of all time. Over everything else. Just. In general. I’m officially in love ...
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Rescued by Love

It’s an ill kept secret that I love dogs. But unless you have met me, it might be hard to tell just how MUCH I love them. Until now. This post is going to clear all of that up real quick. When I initially was going to collaborate with New Leash on Life Chicago for a post, the plan was to do a shoot wearing the shirt above while loving on one of their rescued pups who needs a home. Everybody meet Autumn: Autumn is the very definition of ...