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Queer Life and Culture

Gatekeeping and Ace Allyship

By Denois Gatekeeping in the LGBT+/queer community seems to be a perennial problem and currently a lot of efforts seem to be expended around pushing asexual (and sometimes aromantic, for those that use the split attraction model) people out of the community. However, I believe that gatekeepers are actually a small part of the community and what’s more common is that people have misconceptions about asexuality. Strictly speaking, ...
Queer Life and Culture

Gatekeeping in the LGBTQ Community

By Ari Levine. In many ways, the LGBTQ+ community is amazing. We are diverse, proud, and beautiful. But unfortunately, some parts of the community are excluded from spaces or conversations due to gatekeeping within the community. Sometimes it’s in little ways, sometimes in open ways. Today, let’s talk about all those ways and how we can support our fellow community members. Not “X” Enough One of the most common forms ...