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6 Things to do near Tulum, MX

After honeymooning in Tulum — and all of the research that went into preparing for that trip — my wife and I are pretty confident on giving some amazing suggestions for traveling in and around Tulum. Specifically, travel suggestions that do NOT involve locking yourself on a bus with a dozen other couples, families, and retirees trying to see the same sights as you. Been there, done that, and nobody wants the t-shirt. To visit ...
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Honeymoon | Casa Cenote, Tulum, Mexico

When you send a blogger and her photographer on their honeymoon, you’re bound to get more photos than you bargained for. And, thus, I’m still sharing content form my honeymoon and not even remotely sorry. Today’s post takes us to Casa Cenote, or Cenote Manati, a lovely little cenote which we found thanks to my ever favorite Rosie the Londoner. As we were in Tulum, I kept looking back at her posts form her Tulum adventure ...
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Honeymoon | Cabana Life

We’ve reached that point in winter where everyone’s sick of the cold and aching for spring, warmer weather, and some sun. I had been saving these photos for exactly that time of year. And as NYC is having snow days and Chicago is less than 20, it seems like the best time to share these photos. They recall, for me, an incredibly romantic and relaxing break in the craziness of life. Just my wife, me, and the beach for endless sunny ...
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Honeymoon | Caleta Tankah Tulum

Ready for a long walk on the beach with me? Well, if it’s chilly where you are, pour yourself something warm, wrap up in a blanket, and get ready for a good long meander!  Our second week of honeymoon dawned bright and promising. We set out on a walk with the destination of the Tulum Ruins. The walk didn’t seem that long from the map and it looked like it was all beach the whole way. So we packed a bag, grabbed some water ...
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Honeymoon | Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa

In looking for a destination for a honeymoon, we knew we wanted to be slightly off the beaten path. Somewhere that would still take care of us but allow for exploring on our own. Tulum allowed for that magnificently. So I did some searching for all-inclusive resorts near Tulum and came upon the Dreams chain of hotels. Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa offers the perfect luxurious getaway for honeymooners looking to step away from a more touristy ...