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Queer Books for Pride | LGBT Picture Books

By Dannie Levine in collaboration with Eti Berland and Emily Fardoux Picture Books for Pride Month It’s the last day of Pride month! These lists are going to continue into July and beyond (probably slowing to one per month) but I wanted to squeeze out one last list to close out the month. Today’s booklist is one I’m quite proud of and have been working on for a while. We’ve got picture books for ages 0-5 with LGBT themes. As Early Learning ...

National Coming Out Day, My Story

It’s National Coming Out Day! A day where the community is united in support of those who have not been able to come out. I’m obviously out and proud – very much so – but I’ve never shared my story. So, for National Coming Out Day, read on. This is my story: I didn’t come out until I was 23 years old. Yes, you read that right. I did not come out to anyone until I was 23. Sure, I’d dated before then, but I had always dated dudes ...

Impostor Syndrome | Being proud of being femme

By Dannie Levine In conjunction with the release of my episode of the Becoming Fearless Style Collective Podcast, I’m talking about Impostor Syndrome and how it applies to being femme. Impostor Syndrome is the inability to acknowledge one’s accomplishments without a fear of being exposed as a “fraud” of sorts. So often within our lives, we get conflicting messages from different communities and, as a femme, this can be incredibly damaging. ...
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Fashionably Femme | Ari

Welcome to Fashionably Femme, a blog series featuring femmes from all nooks of the LGBT*QIA community. These rocking folks are girl bosses, moms, entrepreneurs, and all sorts of amazing human beings. Today’s Fashionably Femme is particularly special. I’m featuring my wifey! It’s her birthday today and it seemed like the best time to share. So everyone meet Ari. She’s the photog behind many of the photos you see on the ...