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NYFW Lookbook and Recap

By Dannie Levine I can’t believe it’s already been a whole month since New York Fashion Week! True to form, it’s taken me forever to finally sit down and write my travel post, but here we are. This time, though, it’s 100% been because of my rebrand! Stay tuned, I’ll be telling you all about that very very soon in great detail. Right now, we’ve gotta focus on fashion week!  Day 1 Attending the Dapper ...

NYFW Trends that You can try Right Now!

By Dannie Levine After New York Fashion Week, everyone’s always recapping their experiences and sharing how excited they are for trends come that season. But there are NYFW Trends you can try right now, no need to wait! Here’s some of my favorites (and least favorites) for everyone.  Suits for all! From the Dapper Q show to Nonie, there are so many options for suits and all the pieces that go with them. From amazing ...

New York Fashion Week Recap

New York Fashion Week Recap I’m finally getting the chance to sit and look back on everything going on with Fashion Week! I attended a few shows but also kept an eye on presentations going on around me. After sharing a full itinerary of how to to NYFW on a budget, I figured it’s high time for a New York Fashion Week recap. From the shows I attended to my favorite NYFW designers, this was such an amazing time. I’m thrilled I got ...

How to do New York Fashion Week on a Budget – Less than $1,000!

I’m still working on my recap of New York Fashion Week – it was such a whirlwind I’m still processing! But I’m dropping my guide on how to do NYFW for less than $1,000. When you’re attending shows, prepping outfits, traveling, eating, and more, the costs can add up quickly. Fashion Week is EXPENSIVE! Add in being a blogger and needing to find photographers and you’re set to easily blow your travel budget for the year. Fear not! I’m ...

New York Fashion Week Reflections

New York Fashion Week feels like Christmas coming early for me. I watch all the shows I can online, I follow models and bloggers and buyers and designers on snapchat to keep up to date, I have the HEED Fashion app ready and waiting on my phone for streaming during ANY downtime. Even though I’m not there, it feels like I am. By the end of New York Fashion Week, I am just as exhausted and have a massive pile of laundry waiting to be ...

Jumping into Spring

Spring jumpsuits in chilly weather Chicago had a blizzard yesterday. It was cold, there was snow and ice and sleet and the whole shebang. And wind. We had so much wind that despite having a blizzard, there is no snow on the ground. I swear, I was convinced that wind was going to blow me over. Can we have spring now? I want light coats and florals and sunshine and warm weather. We’ve had some teasing days but it’s not enough. ...