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What People Miss in Their Queer Loved Ones’ Lives

By Bryant Harland Content Warning: Homophobia, Transphobia Chicago Pride 2018 is in the top-10 happiest moments of my life. I fully embraced the Hot Topic-mall-goth-femme aesthetic that I’d always wanted, but had never had the courage to go outside in. What can I say? My sleek red-and-black dress, femme docs, and black shawl just make me feel so damn good. I was surrounded by friends from all over the queer community, and – although a ...

My Look for the Chicago Pride Parade 2018

By Dannie Levine   Happy Day After Pride, friends!  If you celebrated yesterday, I hope you had a truly wonderful time. Do yourself a favor and grab a large glass of water. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. This was my first year going to the Pride parade and I had a BLAST. We had a group of friends over beforehand for some pregaming and glitter makeuping. We had our truest gaggle and it was amazing. So definitely a great start to my ...

Girls Girls Girls Tee from Aloher by Wegan for Pride

By Dannie Levine Pride Month and just life in general have been bananas lately… But I just had to share this amazing tee from my fave femme duo, Wegan. Their tee line, Aloher, is an absolute favorite of mine! I’m obsessed with all of their designs but this one has to be my favorite. It definitely got some amazing compliments and attention while at Pride Fest this past weekend. These pictures are from our St. Louis trip, ...

Queer Books your YA Lit Loving Heart Will Swoon Over | Fuck Your Gender Roles

By Dannie Levine in collaboration with Eti Berland and Emily Fardoux QUEER BOOKS YOUR YA LIT LOVING HEART WILL SWOON OVER | FUCK YOUR GENDER ROLES You know that thing where I’m a librarian by day? That means I know a lot of books. Like, a lot. My goodreads has 514 books on it right now and that’s only what I remember to log, nothing compared to the number of books I’ve actually read. One of the topics I consider myself highly well read ...