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NYFW Lookbook and Recap

I can’t believe it’s already been a whole month since New York Fashion Week! True to form, it’s taken me forever to finally sit down and write my travel post, but here we are. This time, though, it’s 100% been because of my rebrand! Stay tuned, I’ll be telling you all about that very very soon in great detail. Right now, we’ve gotta focus on fashion week!  Day 1 Attending the Dapper Q Dress Code show was ...

When Spring Just Hasn’t Sprung Yet | Spring Style

We all know how much I love winter. I’ve been terrible at keeping it a secret and it’s definitely something that affects my life decisions in big ways (post on that coming soon). But when the calendar says it’s March, I’m definitely ready for the weather to turn and to stop having to wear a coat everywhere – even if my winter coat this year is pretty darn cute. It’s the time of year when spring pieces are ...
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Happy New Year, Patreon

Happy New Year to all! I do hope you had a safe but thoroughly fun New Year’s Eve and are now nursing your hangovers happy to see that we’ve left 2017 behind us. While I’m one of those types who actively tries to find the good in everything, there’s no denying that 2017 was a bit of a dumpster fire, no matter how you identify or where you stand. Cheers to the positivity that 2018 can only get better. As long as we set ...
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Black and White Look, Cape Tee and Jeans

Black and White Fall Look Even when I’m lacking in inspiration for just about anything, a good black and white fall look brings it all home for me. I shot this look a few weeks ago [read: when it was still warm!] and definitely fell in love. Fall is the season of the cape, for sure. But you all know how much I love a comfy tee shirt as well. This works for both! Want your own? Head to the SheIn website and check it out! L’Oreal x ...

Light Fall Jacket and Floral Embroidery

When I initially started writing this, I wanted to have you close your eyes and imagine a scenario. And then I remembered that this is the internet and if you close your eyes, you can’t read my post! Silly me. So let’s go with an eyes-open imagination exercise instead. It’s a crisp fall day. Chilly — but not too chilly — and you’re meandering down your favorite nature-lined path. The leaves are turning, soft sunlight is trickling ...
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Summer Wrap Dress from SheIn

This post is a collaboration with SheIn. I received the dress complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own!  Easy summer style, easy summer wrap dress Looking for a great way to spend your Sunday afternoon in Chicago while enjoying some sweet sweet air conditioning and sipping on a glass of wine? I recently had the best time doing just that with my wife and mother-in-law, Laura, at City Winery Chicago. First up, coffee ...

Rosé All Day with SheIn | Embroidered Roses

This post is a collaboration with SheIn. I received the top complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own!  Just in case you hadn’t yet noticed, embroidered roses are huge right now. Just take a glance at trending shots on Instagram, look around at your favorite boutiques, and check out SheIn. They’re actually one of my best kept budget style secrets. While I love investing in basics and supporting local brands and ...

Topshop Booties + SheIn Dress

I love combining booties and dresses together. Add in the fact that I was looking for a white dress for our rehearsal dinner and I was already on a path to the perfect fall combination. This dress from SheIn (similar linked below) has become a favorite of mine. I’ve worn it a number of times outside of the rehearsal dinner and even brought it on my honeymoon! It’s been such a joy to wear, to make work appropriate, to wear to ...

Spring Style: Bow Heels

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I define my style as. While I still have a hard time articulating that, I’ll tell you what I have learned: the thing I am most proud of is my shoe collection. It is small but mighty, filled with shoes that make people go “whoa, nice shoes!” or “so what’s the story with your shoes?” I love it when people talk to me about my shoes so I make sure they have ...
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Way Up High with 360 Chicago

This past Tuesday, I was lucky enough to be able to attend a preview of 360 Chicago’s new Sunset Series (formerly the John Hancock Observatory). It was a wonderful evening filled with amazing people, stunning views, great drinks, and some TILT!-ilating excitement! First we got to explore the new exhibition before going up to the observation area. This exhibit talks about Chicago’s amazingly rich history by focusing on all of its ...