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How to Make a Tee Shirt and Jeans Look Chic

With fall temps officially here in Chicago and the promise of chill in the air, it’s getting to be that time of year where all I want is to be cozy, style be damned. And yet every time I end up in public, I constantly hear “How do you always look cute?” even if I’m only wearing a tee shirt and jeans. For real guys, half the time I literally did wake up like this. But some of that is careful planning and shopping: I always intentionally buy ...

Out of Office Trench

Out of Office Greetings from the past! We’re off on our honeymoon right now but I still have plenty of content scheduled. But for right now, I’m out of office. As you read this, I might be on a beach sipping a margarita. Or exploring ancient Mayan ruins. Adventuring in the town of Tulum. Swimming. Getting a massage. You name it. All that I can guarantee is that I’m in Mexico with my amazing wife. And certainly not actually ...