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Queer Life and Culture

Queer Identity and Tattoos – An Interview with Jordan Lentz of Copperplate Tattoo

As promised in our post about Queer Identity and Tattoos, here’s an interview with Chicago-based queer tattoo artist Jordan Lentz. Jordan can be found at Copperplate Tattoo in Chicago. For contact info, please check out her Instagram bio. Our creative director Dannie has been tattooed by Jordan and highly recommends her to anyone looking for super realistic nature work. Tell us about yourself – you, your work, your story, ...
Queer Life and Culture

Queer Identity and Tattoos

By Dannie Levine Tattoos have always been part of one’s identity. From its beginning, the history of tattoos has been inherently rooted in showcasing one’s identity to the world. For some, it’s showing cultural aspects of their life. For others, they are memorials and more. They’re also a huge part of queer identity with some awesome history that carries queer tattoo culture into present day. Queer Identity and ...