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Wife Life | Bisexual Visibility Day

By Ari Levine Hey y’all! It’s Ari, back with another Wife Life takeover for Bisexual Visibility Day! I’ve talked before about identifying as bisexual/queer, and this day is really important to me. Why, you ask? I’m so glad.  For me, bisexual visibility is about combating stereotypes. For many years, I stayed in the closet despite crushes on different genders, and dated only men because it was easier. In that ...
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Wife Life | Body Positivity and Mass Media

By Ari Levine I Feel Pretty (But Only After a Concussion) – Body Positivity isn’t a Joke Recently, trailers for a new Amy Schumer movie have taken over my social feeds. The movie — which I’m not linking because I don’t want to give them the views or traffic– focuses on Schumer’s character hitting her head in a SoulCycle class and suddenly seeing herself as beautiful and being confident in her body for the first time, ...

Queer Couple Makeup Challenge | My Wife Did My Makeup and It’s Hilarious

There’s nothing like a silly YouTube challenge to make you giggle and keep the chill off as we eagerly await Spring’s arrival. And, thus, Ari and I created the Queer Couple Makeup Challenge! I laid out all of my regular makeup products and turned her loose on my face. Enter hilarity. “The only one I know how to use is eyeliner.” Uh oh… Needless to say, this makeup challenge caused some amazing giggles along the ...

Wife Life | oVertone Haircare and Queer Identity

We’re back with another Wife Life, this time in video! We’ve had ovVrtone Haircare conditioner chilling in our bathroom for a while now waiting to be used, so with a day off, my wifey decided it would be a great opportunity to try it. Now she’s got some bomb ass hair to go along with her bomb ass personality. But I’m gonna let her take over from here. —– Wife Life | oVertone Haircare and Queer Identity You ...

A Very Dapper Thanksgiving | Wife Life

A little birdie told me that you guys want to see more Wife Life! (It was the Readership Survey.) So without further ado, I’ll hand you off to Ari to chat about Thanksgiving and tell you all about this adorable Dapper outfit. Hi Stile.Foto.Cibo readers! Glad you’re enjoying my snarky writing and queer af style! So I’m back with another Wife Life, this time talking about our family Thanksgiving traditions. Thanksgiving at ...

Wife Life | One Year of Marriage | “How We Met” Story

Wife Life, the Anniversary Edition! It’s your neighborhood queer wife back for another Wife Life takeover! In case you haven’t seen one of these before, I’m Ari, Dannie’s wife, and I like to do a little takeover occasionally to share styles I’m loving and share stories of our life together. The last one I did was way back in June when I reviewed some of our favorite restaurants in Seattle and my philosophy on ...
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Seattle Restaurants | Wife Life

When travel happens with your wife, she’s bound to want to share part of her trip as well! It’s been a while since I shared a Wife Life post. So here’s a bit from Ari about our adventure to Seattle. Seattle Restaurants Seattle has some of the best restaurants of any vacation city I’ve ever been to (Sorry Boston). Not only is the seafood fresh, the veggies farm-to-table, and the wine local, every single server was ...
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Fashionably Femme | Ari

Welcome to Fashionably Femme, a blog series featuring femmes from all nooks of the LGBT*QIA community. These rocking folks are girl bosses, moms, entrepreneurs, and all sorts of amazing human beings. Today’s Fashionably Femme is particularly special. I’m featuring my wifey! It’s her birthday today and it seemed like the best time to share. So everyone meet Ari. She’s the photog behind many of the photos you see on the ...

Wife Life | ASOS Curve Skirt

Being the wife of a style blogger sounds incredibly difficult. Constantly managing the budget of clothes shopping, not sure how to dress for an event, and even being her photographer! I often feel a bit of guilt dragging Ari to and from events and shoots. But once in a while, she puts together an outfit that makes her feel awesome and she wants to share it with my readers! Any time Ari wants to share an outfit with you lot, I’m going ...