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Winter Vibes | Why I Love Winter So Much

Winter Vibes I get asked all the time “why do you love winter?” and I get it. It’s cold. It seems eternal. Grey days far outnumber the sunny ones. If it snows anything less than 2 feet, you still have to go to work. I feel you. Those negatives about winter are pretty huge. But what about the positives? Coming in from a chilly day and warming up with a glass of mulled wine or hot chocolate that warms you from your hands to ...

Heels and Layers

No matter what time of year, I’m obsessed with wearing heels. Yes, this means my feet are freezing cold a ton of the time but I’m okay with that. My philosophy on shoes is that they should always be fabulous, no matter what. And sometimes that means having chilly feet in the name of fabulous shoes. So what do you do to combat that? Add layers, of course! Jazz up a button down with a blazer then top it all off with a peacoat and ...
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Stovetop Potpourri and Cozy Fridays

This grip of cold around Chicago hasn’t quite released yet. And this apartment, while not freezing, is certainly not warm. It’s been rather chilly around here. We’ve pulled out the heated blanket, the flannel sheets, and additional blankets on top of that. To be honest, though, that’s probably my favorite part of winter. The layers. I’m such a blanket fiend. We have no less than three blankets out at any one ...