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My Experience with Rent the Runway and the Most Embarrassing Night of my LIFE!

Queer femme style blogger Dannie Levine of Fashionably Femme shares her story: Rent the Runway and the most embarrassing night of my life.

Sneakin’ Around

Despite my intense love for everything that is heels, there’s something amazing about slipping on some sneakers and going out for a day of… well, whatever really. These are such a great pick for spring with their bright minty green and they’re so comfy! I may tend to choose heels over sneakers but when my choice is these, I’m still walking happy. Sneakers | Target Purse | Target Jacket | Vintage T-Shirt | Ragstock ...

Living on the Edge

As I spend more and more time developing and honing my sense of style, I’ve noticed how much I really love incorporating a little bit of edge into my every day dress. Whether it’s a choker (totally my new favorite trend) or the awesome leather and gold zipper detail on this blazer, I like to have something that’s a little less soft than the usual. Maybe it harkens back to my days as the token goth kid in high school (yes, ...
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Back to Basics

Resolutions are notoriously difficult to keep, this is just fact. You make all these lofty goals and then you get overwhelmed by how insanely difficult they are and suddenly you stop everything you did and you’re back to where you started. Inspired by this post on Chicagoist, I’m going back to basics for mine. “Get my mental health in order” is a HUGE resolution. Like, insanely scary whoa this is a big adventure and I ...

Queer Casual Style Inspiration: Graphic Tee

  Sunday evenings are always a fun night to go out to eat for me. Not a lot of people are out, restaurants are usually slightly empty, and it’s a great way to regroup and relax before the start of a new week. The tradition harkens back to my childhood a little. Every Sunday night, my grandparents, parents, and me would go out to dinner. We had a list of old favorites and occasionally went to try new places. It let us catch up with ...

The Perfect Distressed Denim #skinny_trf

I feel like from the moment you begin blogging, you’re almost required to own a pair of perfectly distressed denim. Whether boyfriend fit or skinny, a pair needs to find its way into your closet at some point. After blogging for 9+ months, I have finally found said perfect pair of jeans at Zara. It was literally love at first sight. I turned around, saw them sitting there on the rack, and all but screamed with joy. First pair I ...